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In 2011 due to the increasing demand for Filipino workers online, Virtualasting was established to provide Virtual Assistant Services to clients all over the world. Judee Kimberly Rallos is the founder of Virtualasting. A year before, Judee experienced how hard it is to find a job online because no one wants to help her including her friends. This is the primary reason why she put up the company, she doesn't want other people to experience what she had been through when she was just starting as a freelancer.

Virtualasting is a Business Process Outsourcing company in the Philippines that caters to clients in need of quality virtual assistants, content writers, web developers, copywriters, social media managers, funnel builders, video editors, digital marketing experts, chatbot creators, eCommerce VA's, real estate VA's, and a lot more.

Virtualasting takes pride that its Virtual Assistants are home-grown virtual professionals. Our VA's had been comprehensively and extensively trained and went into rigorous apprenticeship to be proficient in different skills. 


E-Book : Ultimate Guide on How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants

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Masterclass : Ultimate Guide on How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants

  • You will be surrounded with enthusiastic people that are ready to achieve their goals
  • Full expert guidance and personalized mentorship by by Miss Judee Kimberly Rallos, CEO and Founder of Virtualasting
  • Learn how to successfully hire a competent Virtual Assistant and to have a good healthy relationship with your employee/s

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 an entrepreneur, mentor, business coach, motivational speaker, marketing guru, Youtuber, podcaster and author.

She is the Founder and CEO of VIRTUALASTING, a Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Company established in 2011 that has provided jobs for over 500+ people through the years and also the Founder and CEO of Virtual Assistant University a training institution for Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. Managing high performing Virtual Assistants with her 11 years of experience in outsourcing VAs.



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